Supporting Health & Wellbeing through Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Let’s Talk is an inclusive, comprehensive sexuality education and outreach organization committed to providing Kansans of all ages access to information and evolving tools to support their developing self determination and optimal well-being.

Inclusive, Comprehensive School-Based Sex Education

Community Programming & Outreach

Students deserve access to thought-provoking and meaningful sex education that prepares them for healthy decisions. Let’s Talk is building a strong foundation of comprehensive sexuality education in the Lawrence community and throughout the state of Kansas.

The goal of most sexuality education programs in the U.S. is to decrease negative consequences of sexual activity— to stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections and decrease rates of unintended teen pregnancy. These are worthy goals, but we don’t believe they go far enough.

Let’s Talk uses a model that is focused more broadly around promoting the well-being, health, and dignity of individuals. Helping people contemplate their personal values and think critically about their decisions using a wider lens of health engages people around additional critical aspects of sexuality such as consent, relationships, identity, pleasure, and comfort with one’s body.