LET'S TALK... about growing up

Our Let's Talk About Growing Up class series is designed to support healthy family communication so children are more comfortable and better prepared to contemplate critical concepts such as consent, identity, healthy relationships, safety, and decision making in relationships.

Topics covered include: Self Esteem & Body Image, Personal Values, Reproductive Body Parts, Gender/Gender Roles, Puberty, Pregnancy, Contraception, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Consent, Communication, Decision Making, & Healthy Relationships

A parent/child pair compare answers after completing the "How well do we know each other?" activity

Another parent/child pair admire their hard work after completing their "Trace Yourself" activity

Who is this class designed for?

The content covered is developmentally geared towards 5th/6th graders. If you want to talk about programming or options for younger or older children, please email us!

Class Cost:

$100/pair, with scholarships available for those who need them. We won't turn anyone away for inability to pay, and offer $25, $50, $75, or full discounts based upon need.

upcoming class schedule

Saturday, November 21st from 9am-1pm via zoom

November 30th, December 5th and 7th from 7pm-9pm via zoom

Please email cori@letstalklawrence.org to register for one of our classes.