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We’ve worked with young people for a long time, and understand that embarrassment can often surround questions about sex, sexuality, and relationships. We value your confidentiality!

Questions that are texted to LET'S TEXT are relayed, confidentially, through a web-based application to one of our professional educators, who will respond with the answer and/or links to additional helpful resources.

This program is not intended to serve as a therapeutic resource, but rather a way for you to get information and links to resources in response to your questions.

so go ahead- text us!

with generous support

The launch of LET'S TEXT was made possible by generous financial support from the Wichita Community Foundation's George R. Tiller, M.D., Memorial Fund for the Advancement of Women’s Health.

In addition to providing financial assistance, LET'S TALK draws inspiration from Dr. Tiller’s bravery and unwavering commitment to women’s health throughout his life. Dr. Tiller inspires our organization to continue fighting for reproductive justice, by working to ensure students in Kansas have access to robust, comprehensive sexuality education.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to carry Dr. Tiller's legacy forward.

condom bowl project

Is your business or organization interested in helping distribute LET'S TEXT cards or in hosting a Community Condom Bowl?

Email us today at Info@LetsTalkLawrence.org