Cori Green RN, BSN

Cori began her nursing career in the public health field, working in a clinical setting providing family planning services. In 2005, she began teaching a family-based class to improve family communication about puberty & sexuality.

Cori's work as a Sexual Assault Nurse inspired her to fill a need in our community. She has taught throughout her career, volunteering in classrooms throughout middle and high schools as a guest speaker on a variety of sexual health topics. She works tirelessly to create a culture of consent and inclusion in her community.

Shelby Perez MS, LPC, NCC

Shelby currently works as a member of the Let's Talk team as a Sexual Health Social Worker. With a background in diversity, equity, & inclusion work, Shelby strives to make sexual education accessible to all communities. Shelby received her education at Emporia State University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor.