who we are

board of directors

executive director

Michael Showalter, President

Elina Alterman, MPH, MSW, Vice President

Stephanie Scarbrough, MS, Treasurer

Representative Dennis “Boog” Highberger

Lindsay Buck, MA

Cori Green, RN, BSN
Cori is an award winning nurse and the director of the SANE program at LMH Health. Cori began her nursing career in the public health field, working in a clinical setting providing family planning services. In 2005, she began teaching a family-based class to improve family communication about puberty & sexuality. In 2013 and 2017, she received the Daisy Award, a national award recognizing excellence in nursing for her work on an inpatient medical unit at LMH Health.
Cori has taught throughout her career, volunteering in classrooms throughout middle and high schools as a guest speaker on a variety of sexual health topics. She works tirelessly to create a culture of consent in her community.

our story

Cori began volunteering in her husband's high school health classroom. Students would write their questions on a 3x5 index card, anonymously. The following day, she would attend class and answer every question, factually. There were no questions that were out-of-bounds. In time, she began to see a pattern, in that many of the same questions were asked repeatedly and consistently.

LET'S TALK was founded in 2015 after years of teaching sex education to young people and volunteering in classrooms. Cori recognized that ultimately, what kids want and need - is to have their questions answered in a factual and non-judgmental way.

Our school based programming was developed based upon the need to answer these "most frequently asked" questions.

To date, LET'S TALK has served over 10,000 students in the state of Kansas. We currently teach in over thirteen different public and private high schools. Most recently, we have developed a parent child class for fifth and sixth grade children that is designed to support healthy communication between children and their parents or guardians - about puberty, body image, and sexuality.